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White Stripes break me ground!
Venue/Date: Greek Theatre (Los Angeles, CA)
Concert Date:  
August 15th, 2005
Reviewer: aceshooter

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A wise Stripe

Jack White remains true to his rock 'n' roll heart at the Greek.

By Robert Hilburn, Times Staff Writer

At a time when many of our most prized bands are relying chiefly in concert on songs 30 or more years old, it was exhilarating Monday at the Greek to be wowed by tunes written less than seven months ago.

In fact, the only complaint about the White Stripes' captivating performance was that the duo didn't do more from its challenging new album, "Get Behind Me Satan."

Who else would go through a 90-minute show without even plugging er, playing their latest?

But singer-guitarist Jack White has never surrendered to rock 'n' roll convention. He's such a spontaneous performer that he probably didn't even realize when he walked off stage that he hadn't performed that sing-along single "My Doorbell."

This may have been White's first L.A. concert since his recent marriage to model Karen Elson, but his heart still belongs to rock 'n' roll.

When he and drummer Meg White walked on stage after a taut, satisfying set by the roots-leaning Greenhornes trio, a spotlight directed the audience's attention to a large mural at the rear of the stage.

The painting was a scene right out of Adam and Eve: that tempting apple, placed in a paradise setting, just waiting for some mortal to come along and take that forbidden bite.

The mural underscored one of the chief themes of the "Satan" album: the struggle between innocence and betrayal in relationships.

In fact, there are times, especially in "Blue Orchid," when you can almost feel someone taking a bite out of that apple as Jack White sings about the loss of innocence.

On stage, the Stripes stretched the theme of the mural and album to reflect on the ever-present tension between rock 'n' roll integrity and compromise.

When the Detroit native pledged "No, I'm never gonna let you down" during "The Nurse" midway through the set, he seemed to be speaking as much about being true to his music as to a loved one.

The narrator in the "Satan" songs has seen so much betrayal and compromise in life and in music that he is wary.

In the show's darkest moment Monday, Jack White sat alone at the piano at the start of the encore and sang "I'm Lonely (But I Ain't That Lonely Yet)." It's a country-flavored tune that includes some alternately tender and wickedly funny lines about almost overpowering need.
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