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Last Reviewed August 20th, 2006
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Wet Brain From the Start
Venue/Date: Knitting Factory / Club Hollywood (Los Angeles, CA)
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July 10th, 2007
Reviewer: aceshooter

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Wet Brain @ The Start

What if you were there from the beginning. To be THERE when a band named Mookie Blaylock takes the stage at the Off Ramp Club in Seattle 1990. Or maybe be THERE when another Seattle band Ted Ed Fred takes the stage at Community World Theater in 1988. To be there at the beginning when hope promise and potential are the words being mentioned instead of superlatives like greatness and virtuoso. Nobody at the Off Ramp Club knew they would be watching Pearl Jam's first concert nor did the audience who booed Ted Ed Fred know Curt Cobain would go on to become the voice for a generation. To be THERE at the beginning is something so special. I was there for Wet Brain.

Wet Brain Has "IT"

Wet Brain, compromised of Parker Stevenson (Lead Vocals/ Guitar ) Colin Lyon (Lead Guitar) Dan Park (Bass) Kevin Lyon (Drums) journey to fulfilling their promise and potential began June 28th at the Knitting Factory. I was there. Playing a strong but uneven four song set they rocked to get a spot to play at the Key Club and maybe just maybe a chance to play on the Vans Warped Tour. I was immediately struck at the stage presence of Parker. He's got the elusive "It" that you've either got or you don't. The energy that Parker put out really fired up the crowd as well his attempts to reach out to the crowd. Fortunately for Wet Brain the entire band has enough stage presence to mask some glaring weaknesses in their songs and general inexperience. The songs they played lacked the musical hooks to catch the audience. While their first and last songs held the audience's attention the middle of set seemed to lull the crowd. Even the band members quite didn't know what to do. Additionally Wet Brain will need to better integrate Parker's vocals with both Colin and Dan. Stylistically they have a way to go before they will put out a great product. Luckily for Wet Brain Colin is an amazing lead guitarist who finished the show with an inspired solo that electrified the crowd and solidified the belief that Wet Brain is a young band with the potential to make a mark.


This is their beginning. Beginnings are never clean and pretty. Beginnings are very unassuming because you don't know that you were THERE until long after the moment has past. Will they make it to the Vans Warped Tour or be played on KROQ? Will they evolve from a Mookie Blaylock to a Pearl Jam? It doesn't matter. What matters is that they rocked that night. And if Wet Brain does make the jump well then I can say I was THERE.

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