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Last Reviewed August 20th, 2006
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coldplay is great!! the lights are awesome!!!!
Venue/Date: Mohegan Sun Arena (Uncasville, CT)
Concert Date:  
April 2nd, 2006
Reviewer: aceshooter

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No One Was Left Out In The Coldplay

By Ben Johnson

Best. Lighting. Ever. That was probably the most memorable thing about the sold-out Coldplay show that crowded Mohegan Sun Arena Tuesday night.
After a short set by Richard Ashcroft, the former lead man of The Verve, it was obvious things were getting serious. Rope ladders descended from the giant arena's rafters and hordes of grips and lighting folk scrambled to erect a complicated apparatus that would soon have the audience on their feet.

Sneaking onto stage in the dark, Coldplay burst into “Square 1,” their silhouettes laid starkly against the giant explosions of primary colors on the video screen behind them. What seemed like multitudes of girls aged 15 to 25 screamed as lead man Chris Martin bounded around the stage, his face obscured by a healthy coiffure of blond curls.

A quartet who has become world-famous in the past several years for its heavily affected Brit Pop, Coldplay has a repertoire that includes a healthy number of rockers as well as softer tunes, and both kinds are part of their live show.

Tuesday's set list started out with several of the band's harder-hitting songs, with Martin running from his various rock star poses on stage to the centered upright piano to pound out choruses of songs like “Politik.” Will Champion attacked his drum kit with panache, and Jon Buckland swung his body and guitar as if in a trance. During the band's break-out hit, “Yellow,” giant yellow balloons filled with confetti dropped from the ceiling, to be popped by audience members and the top of Martin's rocket-shaped guitar.

The teeming crowd stood throughout Coldplay's performance, even during the band's quieter songs (one of which they turned into June Carter Cash's “Ring of Fire”), and cheered with abandon at slight cues from the band and some of the more spectacular lighting changes. Did I mention the lighting? I mean, at times I felt as if I was about to be abducted by friendly, melodious aliens. It certainly riled up the crowd.

“For a Tuesday, you guys seem pretty up for it,” said Martin in his jovial, non-threatening way. “They told us that you were a tough crowd, but ...” and the rest was cut off by more cheering.
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