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Last Reviewed August 20th, 2006
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Florence & The Machine 10/8/12.
Venue/Date: Hollywood Bowl (Los Angeles, CA)
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October 8th, 2012
Reviewer: Marlena_von_Kazmier

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Set in the most perfect of venues for their second evening at the Hollywood bowl, affectionately called "the bowl" by the LA locals Florence + The Machine took full advantage of its sheer acoustic brilliance. Built in the 1920's this beautiful amphitheatre is situated in the middle of the hollywood hills and is a dream come true to anyone who is fortunate enough to grace its stage. Speaking of grace... Florence had sold out the 18,000 seater two nights in a row with the support of her openers The Macabes and The Weekend. The set on stage matches the glamourous days of 1920's Hollywood, complete with an art deco design. Florence more than compliments with a dress to match and looks like an Erte painting come to life. When Florence speaks her voice reminds me of the late Princess Di. Kind and sincere. A shy but rambunctious laughter follows her first number and the audience falls in love all over again. Cosmic Love that is. I could listen to that harp all night long. Florence is like Ann Darrow trying to disarm an audience the size of King Kong with playfulness as she bounces around bare foot and fearless. Running up and down the stage and the makeshift walkway surrounding the orchestra pit she doest disappoint all those close enough to snap a shot of her in utter joy. She is as intense in her eyes as she is in her voice and when she howls and holds that note (fans;you know what note I'm referring to), it felt like the entire universe shut up to listen. I cannot write about Florence without mentioning her beautiful machine Isabella Summers who apparently had been "snogging" with audience members throughout the tour. " We are a very affectionate band" said Florence after telling Isabella to give the two ladies in the front row a kiss. The stage production was phenomenal with 4 screens skillfully projecting her beautiful movements while the background of the art deco wall took on images and colours that complemented every mood she was portraying. This was definitely one of the best live acts I have ever seen from start to finish. If Florence keeps writing and composing as she does then the dog days of music are certainly over.

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