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Last Reviewed August 20th, 2006
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Venue/Date: York Fair Grandstand (York, PA)
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September 8th, 2007
Reviewer: aceshooter

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Well September 8 had come and I was certainly looking forward to this show for many reasons, but the main reason was to hang out with my Carrie friends and enjoy watching Carrie perform the last show of the summer tour! This show had its GOOD and BAD points! I'll further explain!

Pre Concert:

Jen (Jed1014) and Ed (Chauffeur/Jen's husband) picked me up and right away the first bad thing of the day happened...Jen forgot the tickets. Thankfully, she has the best husband and she lives close to York so it really wasn't that big of a deal or set back...even though I like to bust Jen's balls and I kept telling her she was horrible etc. etc. Love you Jen! The car ride was fast and fun as we chatted about Carrie and how excited we were for the concert and club York! LOL.

We arrived at the fair and met up instantly with Rob and Lynn our fellow WV crew members. We all attended this show lol! Right as we met up we heard the sounds of WYAB (Carrie's sound check)! I just about died and started dancing on spot! I needed to get closer to the sound so I zoomed off to the main gate. Jen, Lynn, Rob, and Ed were right behind me lol! We watched Carrie dance around and act goofy on stage and then headed on into the HORRIBLE heat wave! It was so hot out! We sat in the shade and met up there with some other Carrie fans Robin, Tami, and Broilermaker (sorry I can't remember your real name). They brought me my second round of bad news...Carrie signed directly after the sound check and I was not aware of this! I was so upset and frustrated and mad and I just wanted so badly to meet her again! After hearing this BAD news, Enrico and his friend Colin show up! Poor Colin's first impression of me was MAD Renee lol! I am usually not mad Colin! Enrico please inform him of this lol!

I was determined to meet her so I asked if anyone that we were with wanted to go where her tour bus was! So Jen was the only one who agreed and Tami took both Jen and I to where Carrie's bus was located. We stood back there for about 3 and a half hours and chatted it up with the band particularly Ashley and Nikki and I even got to talk to Matt, Carrie's best friend that tours with her! They were all so super nice and sweet! Ashley even showed me a video on his cell phone of his little guy when I asked how he was doing! It seriously was an amazing time talking to all of the fans. While waiting for Carrie, I met up with Perry, Andrea, Alyson, Heather B, Heather, Michelle, Don, Jeff ...there were so many others. I cannot remember all of your names my apologies. I had so much fun talking to all of you. Carrie fans are truly the best!

At around 7:10 Carrie comes out of her tour bus to attend the meet and greet session and she waves to the crowd a few times. She was so cute she was tip toeing in her 6' Steve Maddens lol. Directly after Carrie left Jen was insistent on getting a drink and food. Perry, however, spotted Ed and I believe Shawn from the band and she wanted to get a picture with them. I was torn and just said let's grab food and drink now before it gets to late. Meanwhile, guess who comes back literally 10 minutes after we leave...Yes! Carrie! And she signed and took pics with everyone! Bad thing that happened number 3! How does a person miss meeting Carrie twice in one day? Not sure, but it happened to me!

We didn't find out she signed till we got to our seats...Oh wait, bad thing number 4! We all (meaning the 4 WV crew members) didn't have seats! You heard me right! When we made it to our row, which was super close, we had noticed that there was only one seat available, but there were two of us! Can you say DILEMMA! Instantly Jen and I just looked at each other and thought this is just our luck! We had a bad day people, let me tell you! Jen runs off to find a security guy as I work the row and see who is in the wrong seat. Apparently no one was in the wrong seat, the fair messed up and didn't have 20 seats in our row, they had 19. After numerous ticket checks, the dumb people at York figured lets just put a seat down for the girl! DUH! I could have told you that one! Jen literally gets her seat like 3 seconds before the lights dim and Carrie comes on stage!


What can I say at this point? I have seen Carrie now 13 times live and each time she gets better and better! Her energy levels at York were amazing! She was extremely chatty and super funny and cute! There were many one liners at this show! Pretty much all of them were stated already so I won't repeat anything! LOL I must say this though WOOT WOOT!! HAHAH! I loved that part!

Carrie surprised us all and sung GYOW during the encore! What a treat that was! She sung it GREAT! I was so excited when I heard the beginning chords to this song!

I forgot to mention how pretty she looked! She always looks pretty but I just loved how she had her hair up! I have been to 13 shows and only twice did she have her hair in a ponytail lol! So that was cool!

Oh, I almost forgot to mention the last bad thing that happened to me this night! It made me EXTREMELY mad and aggravated too! How could I forget lol? During Wasted (FAST SONG) I was standing to dance. There were not a lot of people around me dancing, but a few were so I was happy! I love to STAND and DANCE at concerts, because thats what you do! Well, apparently a MEAN man behind me (two seats over) didn't like it and literally slammed me into my seat and told me to sit down! I felt a hard tug on my bag and turned and saw a man saying sit down theres people behind you that cant see! My first instinct was to either A) punch this guy out or B) spit in his face for touching a lady, but my better judgment started to kick in and I realized if I did either of the two I would be kicked out of the concert at the 3rd song. No way was I letting that happen nor was I wasting the time to get security because I would miss like 3 songs just to get their attention lol! So needless to say I sat down and was miserable for the next two songs! I could have killed the guy. He's lucky I didn't find him after the show Even though that incident happened during the show I still had a great time!

Post Concert:

Directly after the show we headed over to the Merch booth to talk to Amy and see if Carrie was signing! I knew she wouldn't but I just wanted to check anyways lol!

Carrie wasn't the only person who's autograph I wanted though. There was another star that emerged that night and it was Amy! After going to a few of these Carrie shows, I became quite friendly with Amy and for the last show we decided to ask her for her autograph and take pics with her! It was all Heather's idea and it was so great! She even blew up a funny pic of Amy taken at another concert and made copies for our crew to get signed by Amy. Funny thing Amy did sign and after seeing us make a big deal about her other concert goers were asking who's that and is she famous etc. etc. It was great! Love you Amy! Your the best!

After the autograph signings lol, we all headed to Club York AKA York's Holiday Inn Bar! It was an amazing time and a bunch of us went! We danced the night away and just enjoyed ourselves. Get this the DJ there even attended the Carrie concert with her 13 yr old daughter and sat behind Heather and cool? The DJ played 4 Carrie songs and the entire group went crazy for them lol! What a fun time! I had such a blast with all my Carrie fans lol!

This was definitely the best way to end the summer tour! I started with Carrie in AC and ended with her in York! I am definitely going to go through Carrie concert withdrawals, but soon enough I will be asking Jen (ticket master) to purchase tickets for the Carnival Ride tour! Can't wait!

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