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Last Reviewed August 20th, 2006
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Babs still great after all these years
Venue/Date: United Center (Chicago, IL)
Concert Date:  
November 7th, 2006
Reviewer: aceshooter

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Babs embodies musical royalty

Streisand's voice, persona still rich
Posted: Nov. 8, 2006

Once or twice a generation, there comes a personality that just fills the room. Sinatra was like that. So was Elvis, and so is Barbra Streisand.

Barbra Streisand performs in Toronto last month. Her North American tour stopped in Chicago this week, with shows Tuesday and tonight at the United Center.

Streisand's personality had a large room to play in Tuesday night, but the veteran superstar seemed up to the assignment. Streisand's The Tour played the first night of two nights at Chicago's United Center (she performs again tonight). As a forum for one of pop's true grande dames, The Tour works well; as a musical summation of a major career, perhaps less so.

There's a certain duality to Streisand's on-stage persona. There's the wisecracking Jewish girl from Flatbush and then there's Empress Babs, the diva's diva. As one might expect, at 64, the Pop Empress side of Streisand has largely taken reign. Toward the end of the show, Streisand was wearing a black flowing dress with gold trim that made a queenly presence even more regal.

Everything about the show breathed Big Event. Out in the lobby programs were selling at $40 a pop. The massive rectangular stage was open in the interior, where a full orchestra was on station to support the main attraction.

One of the paradoxes of the Streisand persona is that she's this powerful, even outspoken presence who is visibly insecure.

Suspended from the ceiling and dotting the front and sides of the stage were monitors feeding the star not just her lyrics but even her between-song banter. The Tour seems disinclined to take a chance on spontaneity..
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