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Heaven and Hell Playings a Heavenly set
Venue/Date: Target Center (Minneapolis, MN)
Concert Date:  
April 6th, 2007
Reviewer: aceshooter

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Sabbath with Dio ages well

Pioneer Press
Article Last Updated: 05/07/2007 01:17:44 AM CDT

There's little doubt Black Sabbath's first five or six years produced an almost inhuman number of metal classics. And there's also little doubt those very classics could get rather dull if you had to play the same dozen live, night after night.

Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi himself has said as much. And Sunday night at the Target Center, Iommi's ear-to-ear grin said even more, primarily that a reprieve from "Iron Man" can do wonders for the soul. The 59-year-old Brit looked every bit as thrilled to be there as the 4,750-some rabid metalheads who came to worship at his feet.

Iommi is out on the road with Heaven and Hell, aka Black Sabbath: The Dio Years. It's the same Sabbath lineup that made a pair of albums in the early '80s (and a third a decade later) with diminutive powerhouse Ronnie James Dio in place of original vocalist Ozzy Osbourne. Dio's presence not only revitalized Sabbath at the time, it also changed the sound of the band, expanding it beyond the limits of the slow, loud and heavy template.

Sunday night's show proved the music and the players have both aged well. At 64, Dio has retained most of his vocal range and all of his stage presence. The guy's barely a toadstool taller than a munchkin, and he can't be more than 110 pounds dripping wet, yet he nearly reduced grown men to tears while shrieking about queens of the night, broken crystal balls, bringers of evil and other sundry AD&D-riffic topics.

California's Machine Head opened the night to a sparse crowd, which beefed up in time for Megadeth's fiercely potent set. But make no mistake, this show belonged to Iommi, Dio, bassist Terry "Geezer" Butler and drummer Vinny Appice.
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